The Board of Trustees and the Finance and Stewardship Committee will meet together by Zoom at 7:30 p.m. on Wednesday, July 8, 2020.

To access the meeting via the internet, please click here:

To access the meeting via phone, please call:

1-669-900-9128 and enter meeting ID: 852 6197 7496 # when prompted.

No password is required for this meeting.


Opening Prayer (Rev. Frank Wulf)

Approval of the Agenda

Trustees (Mr. Walter Elmer)

  • First Floor Bathroom
  • Cleaning and sanitizing the first floor air conditioning system.
  • Deep cleaning and sanitizing of the church building.
    • We have had trouble finding a company to come in to do a deep cleaning on a one-time basis. The people we have spoken to are only interested in a long term contract.
    • We met with representatives from Terminix. They will not do a deep cleaning, but will sanitize once the cleaning has been done. Although they have not followed through with a written estimate as requested, we do not anticipate that this work will be inexpensive.
    • Please refer to the attached “Guidance for Cleaning and Disinfecting” from the CDC for recommendations on what needs to be cleaned and how often: 316485-c_reopeningamerica_guidance_4.19_6pm_Cleaning
    • Refer also to the attached document from the EPA for a list of approved products for use with COVID-19 cleaning and disinfection: List N Products with Emerging Viral Pathogens AND Human Coronavirus claims for use against SARS-CoV-2Date Accessed 07082020
    • Would it make sense to hold a church work day, purchase required cleaning and disinfecting products, and provide people with necessary PPE (face masks, face shields, gloves, etc.) rather than trying to contract out for one-time services that are highly expensive? I anticipate that user groups, such as Dong Sa Church, the Neighborhood Council, and the Homeless Services will be able and willing to assist. If the answer is yes, then 1) When will we do it? and 2) How will we continue to clean and disinfect areas that are being used after the building is re-opened?
  • Any issues related to Dong Sa Church (Meeyoung Koba & Andy Lee)
  • Graffiti abatement
  • Outdoor living room
  • Recently accomplished tasks
  • Other Trustees matters

Finance and Stewardship Committee

  • Current financial state of EPUMC
    • Income
      • Giving income
      • Rental income
      • Other income
    • Expenditures
      • Payroll (Please note that the pastor will soon be enrolling in Medicare which should result in a significant savings in health insurance expenses)
      • Building
      • Office
      • Program
      • Anticipated reopening expenses
    • Miller & Elmer funds
    • Cash flow
  • Financial forecast for the immediate and longer-term future – How do we respond?
  • PPP forgiveness – Please refer to the revised application for PPP forgiveness: 3245-0407-SBA-Form-3508-PPP-Forgiveness-Application_Revised
  • Carlos Rodriguez memorial fund
  • Other Finance & Stewardship business

Adjournment and close in prayer

ATTACHMENT: Notes from the May 27 meeting on reopening