Lent as a Stewardship Journey

Very soon we will be celebrating Easter, but as we prepare during this Lenten season, please spend time thinking about stewardship as a part of your spiritual development.

Recently, the Church Council took a look at a rough budget for the 2016 fiscal year, comparing anticipated income to expenses.  We came up with an approximate amount of funds that needs to be collected in tithes and pledges, as well as other sources of income (hall rentals, etc).

We also discussed a debt that we have accrued over the 2015 fiscal year.  This debt, which is now at roughly $15,000, is owed to the Cal-Pac Conference for basic services, such as property liability insurance and health premiums.  In other words, it is not for unnecessary expenses, nor for missions in other places.

There are several fundraisers scheduled for March: Pastor Farley’s birthday honors, the UMW Rummage sale, and the UMM Easter breakfast.  Be generous!

As we strive to move from being a surviving church to a thriving church, it is important that each of us examines our own level of stewardship.  Let us seek to move beyond our doors and support the missions and ministries of the United Methodist Church by not only meeting our Echo Park financial needs, but by stepping up and fulfilling our apportionment.