Renovation Wish List- completions and current goals

“Inspiring the World as passionate followers of Jesus Christ so all can experience God’s life giving love.”

We, the Echo Park UMC, are breathing life into our sacred spaces in order to welcome the community.  This work has been done with commitments of time, money, and sweat.  Please join us in this campaign, in whatever way it speaks to you!bluedoors

In addition to the major renovations done on the Parsonage (roof, windows, paint, landscape, garage, floors), our church accomplished the following work on the sanctuary.  Priorities for Winter and Spring 2015- Create inviting entrances and sanctuary; safety items:

(Alvarado) Paint front door, trim around front door, and attached sign box. Painted all exterior doors with blue paint.   DONE

(Reservoir) Tree trimming     DONE

(Reservoir) Ramp- fill cracks, power wash, repaint DONE

(Alvarado) Replace damaged side (south) of sign and correct text on north side. DONE

Choir loft: new carpet- safety item. DONE



Touch up wood finish on lecterns, prayer rail, benches DONE

Of the remaining projects, the following items have been isolated as immediate needs:

Priorities for Fall 2015- Prepare for rains; continue safety items; upgrade rental hall

(Alvarado) Power wash & paint front entrance stairs

(Reservoir) Refinish community furniture

Replace broken window over South facing stairwell  (cost estimate $500)

(Reservoir) Clean out sub street level window wells

Check sidewalks for dangerous cracks and submit request to City Department

Fellowship Hall: Repair or replace stage curtains (DONE); replace broken tables

Remaining Wishlist:


(Alvarado) replace bulb and/or rewire light fixture in attached sign box

Remove banner facing south hanging from roof- incorrect info

Repaint lettering on both Reservoir and Alvarado

Replace Plexiglas covering over stained glass windows, replace with a clearer Plexiglass


Alvarado Entrance foyer: replace carpet, replace lighting fixture, remove old corkboard, clean walls and touch up paint, remove old flowers, put out new information holders

Reservoir Entrance hall: replace carpet, paint door, add interior directional signage (such as directory of offices, signs above entrance to Chapel, Sanctuary, Restrooms)

Choir loft: new chairs, paint out graffiti

Apse: 5 bays- remove brown covers, replace with (???)

Sanctuary: repair cracks and paint Walls; Strip and refinish real wood doors; Polish metal parts on chairs

Church Office: clean out closet, polish floor

Chapel: repaint or replace chairs; replace wood bar with real lock, re-bulb exit sign


Sound system- wireless microphone headset, hanging mic over altar, wire maintenance, better location for sound board

More lighting, such as a reading light on lecterns

New banners (interior and exterior)

Flags- clean flags, polish brass on stands


Tuning schedule for pianos

Maintenance schedule:

Goal: To develop a schedule of services for paid staff, contracting, and volunteers.

Wax tile floors- quarterly

Shampoo carpets- quarterly

Cleaning of restrooms- daily

Cleaning of kitchens- weekly & after use

Pest control

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  1. we need to clean out the womens closet in the rest room also we had cleaned out the drawers in the kitchen clean them out and the cupboard relable all the drawers. We need to clean out the closet in the Tally room I know one coset is the closet which I have not been able to see whats in their due to my immobility as soon as I can get up there to clean it out I shall I am not ure about the other closets lois Date: Thu, 1 Oct 2015 16:54:54 +0000 To:

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