Old Home Sunday September 11

Old Home Sunday? What is THAT? When I was a child, my grandmother’s summer church in Vermont held a huge reunion every August. Members would come from far and wide. There would be college students enjoying their last summer weekend. Families who had moved away to the big city would come back to the country to get in touch with their roots. There would even be sullen teens visiting their grandmothers! Everyone would bring a Sunday picnic item for the famous Methodist potluck (I was put to work peeling potatoes for grandma’s famous potato salad). Lucky tourists would get a rousing worship service and a bountiful lunch.

Why all of this reminiscing?

Because on Sunday, September 11, we want you to come home to Echo Park United Methodist Church!  Bring your family, bring your friends. Invite those noisy neighbors next door, or that co-worker who seems lonely.