All Saints Day remembrances

(Deadline for inclusion of names and/or photos in All Saints Day liturgy is WED OCTOBER 26.)

Excerpts from Rev. Frank Wulf’s letter to the congregation:

Each year, on November 1, Christ’s Church around the world celebrates the Feast of All Saints.

On this day, we give thanks to God for that great cloud of witnesses who have gone before us and helped to shape us into the people of faith we are today. We joyfully and humbly acknowledge that the divine love, which became real for us through them, now flows in us and through us to touch the lives of others.

Echo Park United Methodist Church will remember its saints during worship on Sunday, November 6.

We will view a slide show of several of the saints who have gone before us. We will speak their names aloud. We will ring a bell. We will light a candle in their memory. And we will give God thanks for having shared them with us.

Letters have been mailed with an All Saints Sunday Offering envelope that you can use to honor one or more of those who have been saints in your life by making a gift to the ministry of Christ through this community of saints at Echo Park UMC. You are invited to use the envelope to make your contribution when you come forward to receive the gift of Holy Communion on All Saints Sunday.

The names of all these saints as well as those who honor them will be listed in our December edition of The Echo.

Donations can also be sent through the PayPal giving button.