Prayers for Peace in Ukraine + Oraciones por la Paz en Ucrania

We continue to pray for peace in our world even as the Russian Federation, under the leadership of Vladimir Putin, invades the Ukraine. As United Methodist Christians, “we deplore war and urge the peaceful settlement of disputes among nations.” We believe that God is calling us as God’s beloved children to be active and engaged in working together toward a peace that is just and healthy for all.

We pray for the people of Ukraine, that God may keep them safe. We pray that the Russian Federation will end this act of aggression against the sovereign nation of Ukraine and instead seek ways for the two to live together in peace and cooperation. We pray for the leaders of all the nations involved in this conflict that they may be wise in finding a hopeful way forward that does not draw the entire world into an ever widening war that has the potential to destroy life as we know it on this planet.

In this moment of fear and anxiety, I invite us to read the pastoral letter penned by United Methodist Bishop Christian Alsted of Nordic and Baltic Episcopal Area which is attached below.

May God guide us all in the ways of true peace.