Rev. Frank Wulf is our Pastor.

Danny Bernabe is our Church Office Administrator, as well as our Pastoral Assistant for Multi-cultural Ministries.

Mina Rhee is our Director of Music.

Leonel Sanchez is our Facilities Manager.

John Chavis is our Administrative Council Chair.

Lois Price is our Lay Leader. Retha Matson is our Lay Leader Emeritus.

Walter Elmer is the Chair of our Board of Trustees.

Sherman McClellan is our Financial Secretary.

Lisa Palombi is our Treasurer.

Lois Price is the president of our United Methodist Women chapter.

Carlos Rodriguez is the Editor of our newsletter, The Echo / El Resonido.

The West District Superintendent for our congregation is Rev. Mark Nakagawa.

The Bishop of the Cal-Pac Conference is Grant J. Hagiya.